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Outdoor Living is about more than sitting by the pool and gazing out towards the sunset. Outdoor Living is also about being in the garden, working in the dirt, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. To that end, we at Outdoor Living have established a new non-profit program to promote true Outdoor Living, in each of our own backyards.

How many of us have dreamed of creating an organic vegetable and/or flower garden, harvesting the needs for our families right from our own yards?  Some of us have even gone as far as creating such a garden. But the real work comes in the regular maintenance and timely harvesting of such gardens, and many times the output is much greater than that which one household can consume. Also, given the geographical climes of our plot of land, sometimes there is desirable produce that just will not grow as well in our own backyard plots as they might further up or down the mountain.

Enter our team of knowledgeable and hardworking farmers. Each week for a modest fee, our team will come to your home and maintain your garden. Weeding, fertilizing, reseeding and harvesting. And each week included in your fee, you will receive a box of produce, preselected by you. Some of this may come from your own garden plot, some of it may come from your neighbor's plot. Some of it may come from our farmers' own personal farms. But nothing gets wasted, and it all gets redistributed where it is needed. Any excesses (and this is very likely) will be donated to the Maui Food Bank.

If you don't already have a garden, we can install one for you. Of course your backyard "farm" is wholly yours, so if you wish to keep all the harvest, that is fine as well. We can make the adjustments in your weekly fee. In any case, your garden will benefit from the expertise of a dedicated gardener and you will be creating a true connection with the land, the process of caring for it, and the food it produces for your table. Your whole family will benefit, physically and spiritually.

Applications for the Haiku and Kula area are being taken now.  Please pick up an application at Outdoor Living (261 Lalo Street A2, Kahului) or call us at 873.8325 for more information.